What Redwall Vermin Race Are You?

Welcome internet goers and trainees! Have fun discovering you Vermin race personality!

Get started with these questions...


Traveling abroad with allies, what simple fun...yeah, whatever. What are you most likely doing as you all are walking along the trails?


It's your turn for night watch and you hear a twig snap nearby, you react by...?


You and your party catch sight of another pack of vermin attacking a few mice, what do you do?


You've been traveling along the River Moss in a riverboat you hijacked from a band of otters, how have you been handling it? Is it like home? Or pure torture?


Trouble on the horizon, it has come to your attention the settlement you recently raided will be flooded with a Long Patrol squad by dawn. What do you do?


In the last battle you fought, your best friend fell, skewered upon the javelin of an otter. What is your first impulse now that the battle has ended and times are calming?


You hear tale that your allies outpost will be raided by woodlanders, but you only arrived home yesterday...what are you going to do?


Traveling homeward is always great, upon arriving, what's your first thought?


You return to a camp of yours to find your clan slaughtered. You most likely are...?

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