Articles we could write, but probably won't

If the US constitution had been written using a wiki
"That first amendment is superfluous and allows idiots undue speaking rights. This is bad. What do you mean, who says? My fake PhD says! Booyakasha!"

If Paul McCartney had been the edgiest Beatle
John Lennon's natty pair of tweeds
George Harrison's heartfelt conversion to the Church of England and subsequent fete attendance
Their famous hit, a lovely cup of tea, no sugar please, Samantha dear (ta)

Angsty folk songs of the rich and famous
Paris Hilton's I'm young, thin and probably have an enormous coke habit, but really I want to save the world through song plz
Martha Stewart's Holy shit, now I'm out of jail nobody cares
Ryan Seacrest's I'm so inconsequential it physically hurts
Rosie O'Donnell's Baaaaah awoooogiieee spooo

Extraordinary uses for puppet theatre through history
1934: Easing the Great Depression through a hilarious puppet show
1939: Distracting the Nazis through a hilarious puppet show
1957: Hiding the beginnings of the Vietnam War from the American people through a hilarious puppet show
1978: Elvis Presley killed by a hilarious puppet show
2000: Ruling the American public with a hilarious puppet show

Despotic banana republics you may not have heard of
New York: Manager is a bit of a tosser
Chicago: Staff toilet leads much to be desired
Orlando: Gets fashions two months after other stores
Albuquerque: Overrun with guerrilla marketers

Possible nicknames for Dick Cheney borrowed from the pages of Marvel Comics
Dick "Captain Marvel" Cheney
Dick "The Punisher" Cheney
Dick "Iron Man" Cheney
Dick "Sensational Spider-Man" Cheney

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