Couple Adopts Triplets - Discover They Are Pregnant With Twins

Andy and Sarah desperately wanted a baby, but struggled to conceive. Eventually, they decided to opt for adoption, as IVF was way too expensive. They were soon selected by a birth mother, but at her first ultrasound they discovered that she was pregnant with triplets. They were thrilled. The triplets, Elizabeth, Hannah and Joel, were born 2 months early. A week after their birth, Sarah started to feel sick. Her doctor confirmed her suspicions - she was pregnant. He also revealed to her that she was carrying twins.

Andy and Sarah say they were very happy about the news, but also panicking a bit. The Justice family expanded from only two people to seven in one year's time when Abigail and Andrew were born. The babies apparently go through 300 diapers and 84 bottles per week! They are very happy, although they have very little sleep.

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