Web searches you used to find us

Rum and Monkey is a diverse site; you know it, we know it. The diversimeltity is dripping from our pixel-clad digital walls. From the political heavings in our left-right stonewashed forums to the bile and drool of teenagers hiding out inside our tests, wasted as morons, you could throw a stone at us and never hit the same kind of person twice.

But how to measure our multipligoodness?

Every day, millions upon millions of people use a Web search engine to find the information they want; when a user clicks on a particular search result, the owner of the corresponding page often gets to keep a record of the search term. This has benefits for both parties: the user hopefully finds what they're after, and the site owner gets to see how people find his or her site.

Baby, we have that power, and eeh by gum we plan to use it. Here is a bolus of real life Web searches you fine people used to get to Rum and Monkey. This, more than anything, belies the true intelligence and thoughtfulness that underlines our protocol-packeted patch of the planet. Feel the brain cells burn.

  1. blemish OR affliction OR moment OR chop OR herbert
  2. difference between monkey and bush
  3. die monkey die!
  5. Carey Lind Design wallcovering
  6. vagina face
  7. things that come in pairs
  8. toilet paper word of the day
  9. stole the anchor from the navy
  10. im a cow hear me moo i weigh twice as much as you
  11. sex in germany
  12. i'm a cucumber
  13. drunk ducks
  14. Killer Tofu
  15. abusing OR greenness OR reorganizations OR recedes OR rum
  16. are squirrels out to get you quiz
  17. big hairy bollocks
  18. cannibalize prerequisites colossal superintendents descending
  19. good msn messenger names for girls
  20. kruschev nyet nyet nyet
  21. new jersey missing troll
  22. population control
  23. superfluity hindus bushels colossal transcribers
  24. vanilla ice word to your mother
  25. was there a change in the strength of the monarchy in tudor england
  26. weeeeeeed
  27. who got the monkey
  28. socialists suck
  29. picking a name for your last name
  30. mans OR deaf OR fuji OR rum OR customization
  31. The Stinky Cheese Man

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