The EvE Personality Test

This test poses a number of questions that have been more or less recent topics for discussion on Eve-O. The results are to be taken with a grain of salt, but maybe it can be an eye-opener for some people.

Chose the answer that is closest to how you feel about the subject. If no answer feels close enough, just skip the question.

Get started with these questions...


What do you believe was CCP's intention with High Security systems (0.5+)?


What is your attitude towards suicide ganking?


What is the most pressing concern CCP has to face/implement at the moment?


What are your feelings toward smacktalk?


How do you best fit a Raven?


If you could add one thing and remove one thing from Eve, what would those be?


What should be done about the Jita-problem.


In an economy report from late 2007, it was noted that 49% of active characters never ventured out of high sec. Disregarding the rest of the report, what do you think can be gathered from this number?


CCP has decided to nerf the so called nano-fits, and recently put out a dev blog outlining various ways of how to accomplish this. What are your opinions of this?


Ambulation seems to be approaching. What is your opinion about this project?


Would you pay a ransom if offered?


What do you feel about war declarations?


BACON was a third party program that emitted an audible signal when a user defined event occured in local, such as a player with low standings to your corp entered. CCP has never outright banned the program, but they have said that they "frown upon" its use, and that they will rework the mechanics that allows it to work. What do you think about BACON and its use in EvE?


What are your views on pirates and piracy in EvE?


What is your opinion on level 4 high sec mission running?


How do you feel about the local-channel?


What do you think about scamming in EvE?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...