Other exciting content

Our creative loins overfloweth here at Rum and Monkey. This page is the towel with which we mop it up. Please note that this content is archived and might not be entirely available anymore.

Here's the stuff we didn't have another place for:

The Article and Blog archive

Lulz from the early days. Frankly, Rum and Monkey's jumped the shark, but this is the good stuff. The stuff worth reading. The other content? It's filler, really. You can ignore it.

The Old Widgets, Tests and Toys

All the old tests and toys are available through the new main categories as well, but for sentimental purposes, this archived page lists them all.

Daily Peeg

For unusual values of "daily". Peeg isn't just our cartoon: he's our mascot, our reason d'etre, our life. Embrace the Peeg. Love the Peeg. Or just pop in and take a look from time to time. Whichever; it's cool with us.

Captain Arrr

The adventures of a pirate captain and his good-natured chums.