What Kind of Barrowdowner Are You???

Hi! If you're familiar with the Barrowdowns online forum, this test is for you! It's all meant in good fun. So don't get offended or throw stuff at me, Ok?

If you're not familiar with the forum, but have a thing for Tolkien, you should check it out.

Get started with these questions...


Good morning sunshine! Did you drool on your pillow again? What are you up to?


The "I'm too sexy" song is blaring on the morning radio show. Is there anything you're too sexy for?


During breakfast you realize your favourite cartoon is on the television! Which one is it?


Look outside! It's a freaking monsoon! Your reaction?


Rain or no rain, you have to go out eventually. Where are you headed?


Your day brightens up when you realize that there is a crumpled gift certificate stuffed in your pocket. Crap! It expires today! What are you buying and where?


At the store, you run into an old friend who insists on chatting for a bit. What do you two blabber about?


On your way home, you notice that the movie theater is having a series of cool screenings. You're tempted to pop in and see if any of your idols feature prominently in it. Who are they?


When you finally make it home, you get besieged by your friends and dragged for a night out! Suddenly, you find yourself in a club. What are you up to?


One more thing: Before you make it to bed tonight, you log onto the Barrowdowns online forum (of course). What do you do?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...