The Spooky Goth Chick Generator

Life can be strange, you stop into an innocent seeming barber shop or beauty salon called The Place for a trim or wash, unknowingly you have happened on a nest of vampires!

Run by the Master Wulfguda and his git, luckily for you they are, for their kind anyway, rather mellow and kindhearted, The Place was set up so they would not have to hunt in the old manner, and has proven so successful in bringing in "customers" they have not had to drain any of their prey for years.

This leisure has lead to the awaking of something Wulfguda had forgotten he had, a sense of humor.

Shape shifters the vampires also have the ability to transfer this trait to those they are drinking from, all under the complete control of the nospheratu doing the drinking.

Down to their last atom, the vampires then use their ability to control human minds to implant and erase thoughts as they feel are needed.

So that the next morning a former 6 foot, 2 inch, 250 pound, balding man who came in wearing jeans & plaid flannel wakes, a pint low, to find he is a 5 foot tall, 100 pound Goth girrl with four feet of ash gray hair calling herself Raven Moonshadow!

Anyway, like I said, you happen to have just come out of The Place, what sort of Goth chick are you now?

Which generation do you belong to?

What do you currently do in life?

What is your deepest desire?

What,would you say, is your strongest quality?

What role do you play in your friendships?

How often do you work out?

Why did you take this test?

What do you dream about when you sleep?

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Do you have a bucket list?

Pick one of the below. You are...

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