The Perfect Wolf Name Generator

Dear wolf, you have travelled hard with your pack and proven yourself loyal in this stage of life. As you move up a rank, or, Belly-Nurser, become of age to have your own name, it will be given to you. Now is your time, dear wolf. All you must do is howl to Lycaon and Serios, your two wolven gods! Howl, now, and learn your name, wolf!

Which generation do you belong to?

What do you currently do in life?

What is your deepest desire?

What,would you say, is your strongest quality?

What role do you play in your friendships?

How often do you work out?

Why did you take this test?

What do you dream about when you sleep?

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Do you have a bucket list?

Pick one of the below. You are...

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