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Which Office Moron Are You?

Morons. Offices are full of them; irritating little people with no redeeming features, forming their own social hierarchies within the walls of the workplace. It's understandable, of course; if you were to sit in the same room day after day, staring at spreadsheets and filling out orders, the monotony of your life only rivalled by the monotony of your thoughts and dreams, you too would be yearning for your own besuited Lord of the Flies scenario.

Thanks to Rum and Monkey, now you can. Release your inner office moron! Make mountains out of molehills! Become one with mundane idiocy! The world will be your Rolodex.


There's a new buzzword in the industry, and everyone's flocking to it like flies to a rancid turd. What's your reaction?
Someone does a really interesting, unique, intelligent piece of work. Your reaction?
Office love. What's it for?
If you ruled your office, what would you do differently?
Unions. A good idea?
Onions. A good idea?
Have you ever obliterated a village?
Sales targets are ...
How do you dress for work?

Benjamin wrote this.