@rumandmonkey We're off to obliterate a village. See you soon.

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Do you live for nefarious wrongdoings?
Would you ever sign a postcard, "from Hell," and mean it?
Do you just love shopping at Gap?
Are ordinary skin treatments just not enough?
Would you consider yourself to have minions?
Would you consider yourself to have mittens?
Would you make mittens out of your minions?
Have you ever brought terror and destruction to large portions of a major country?
Can you spell?
Did you enjoy Suddenly Susan?
Do you sometimes chuckle heartily to yourself because those damn ignorant pickfucker cops will never find you, never in a million years, not even if they turn over every fucking brick in the country, ha ha ha?
Do you find mirth in Saturday morning cartoons?
Have world leaders endorsed your philosophy of terror? Alternatively, has the entire world denounced you as pure evil, while remaining completely riveted to you?
Have irritating sub-Ziggy Stardust glam rockers named themselves after you?
Have you ever obliterated a village?
Can you ever truly be stopped?

Benjamin wrote this.