Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?

Yeah, the war's coming. There'll be death, destruction, blood and all the rest of it. Only a handful of people will survive - which are you? Enjoy today - it may be your last. You heard me. Thanks to the foolishness of various world leaders, the world is spiralling into a heartless void of painful oblivion. Governments are secretly pitted against governments; international terrorist organisations are remixing the geopolitical landscape to introduce their own hardcore sounds. The result, surely, is widespread nuclear badness. Society as we know it will be ripped apart by the bomb - but some brave people will survive. Could you be one of them? Could you? Yes, enjoy today. You will never know freedom again.

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A live alligator is chasing you, and it's got an army of particularly angry hippos in tow. Do you ...


Are you the bomb?


It's the end of the world as we know it. Seriously, it is, and your Messiah of choice has returned to collect the good souls and inject them into [heaven / eternal bliss / valhalla / a new life as a noble animal / enlightenment / a corporate sponsorship deal - delete as appropriate]. Or, rather, that's what you think He's come back to do, until he pulls out his Uzi and starts cracking some skulls. What do you do?


There are only two people left on Earth; one is you, and the other is a spankingly gorgeous human being, who you instantly develop a pants-spoilingly powerful lust for. It's up to you to restart the human race from scratch - but they are bleeding to death. You're in the middle of the desert - what do you do?


So, your city's power has gone off. Without their computers, DVD players, Sony Walkmen, electric nosehair trimmers or all-important TV sets, people are running screaming through the streets. Literally. So what's your reaction?

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