Most Amazing Game Of Thrones Fan Art

As much as Game of Thrones entertains its readers, drawing them into the dramas of the 7 Kingdoms, it inspires artists from all over the world to create their own art.  We explore some of the best pieces from a bunch of very talented DeviantArt users.

The hatred and emotion were captured perfectly in this screenshot study of Sansa Stark. It took Aaron Griffin 8 hours to create this photorealistic masterpiece, using Photoshop CSS and his Wacom Intous 5 tablet.

This beautiful artwork by Ginhans is a “softer” take on the strong character of Kahl Drogo. Loving the use of light and contrasting shadows.

Theon Greatjoy is not everybody’s favorite character, but this Ballpointpen work is quite remarkable. It was done on A3 watercolor paper, and the artist actually managed to get Alfie Allen’s signature to compliment it.

Daenerys is a beautiful woman, strong character and ultimate fan-favorite, which is why there is no lack of fan-art depictions of her. Here are some of the best, in our eyes:

This Daenerys by Ania Mitura is very realistic and shows a lot of emotion.

This work was done by ProtoKitty and beautifully depicts the fiery side of Daenerys as the Mother of Dragons. It was originally done with markers and digitally reworked in Photoshop.

This digital art masterpiece was done by Shilesque and portrays a scene where Daenerys is relaxing and playing with her dragons.

This Maester Aemon was  painted in photoshop with a Wacom intuos 5 by Jean-Pascal. It captures the look in the old man’s eyes perfectly.

Arya has definitely seen a lot of personal growth. She has grown up, has become harder, which is why it is quite remarkable to see this artwork by AniaMitura of a younger, more naive Arya. 

Jaime Lannister is one of those characters who one can love, hate and pity at the same time. The actor, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is a good looking man, which is why he is also quite popular with the fan artists.This stunning pencil sketch was done by BF Thomas.

This work was done in Photoshop by StalkerAE and shows Jaime as the strong, willful character he is.

Oberyn Martell's role might have been short-lived, but he was one entertaining character. Luckily the fans also decided to dedicate an artwork to him. This was done by Pixr using paint and airbrush techniques.

Ned Stark was GoT's first big surprise, squashing our beliefs that the hero never dies in a TV-show... One of the elements that keeps us on the edge of our seats with every show, praying that our beloved characters won't get killed off. This pencil sketch was done by Lewis3222 and took about 8 hours to complete.


Tyrion is by far the funniest and the smartest among the Lannisters. This portrait, done with graphite pencils by Stanbos depicts his character perfectly. 


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