This Baby Is Thrilled To Truly See Her Parents For The First Time

Piper Verdusco's mom got worried that her little one wasn't crawling yet. They took her to the doctor, who thought she might have a stigmatism. But apparently she was only extremely far-sighted, a condition that was easily remedied with a pair of glasses.

After picking up Piper's new glasses, the family decided to celebrate with a special dinner. This is where Piper got to try on her new glasses for the first time. At first she wanted nothing of having these weird things put on her face, but after a bit of a struggle, she blinked a couple of times and realized that she could now see... When her daddy calls her and she sees his face for the first time, she gives a very broad smile. Her mom says that she had to choke back tears of joy.

It has been over a month now and Piper still wears her glasses full-time. Her mother says she is now crawling and really doing well. When Piper doesn't take off the glasses and attempt to chew them, her world is a lot more visible now. Sinclair says that she hopes that this video will raise awareness for parents to have their babies' eyes checked from a young age already.

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