Outrageous Vintage Ads That Would Have Caused An Uproar Today

Once upon a time, advertisers didn't care much about racism, sexism or unverified health statements with regards to their ads, as long as they could sell their products. Here are some examples of outrageous advertisements that would certainly have been banned from appearing in today's magazines. 


According to some of these ads, a woman's place was in the kitchen


... with her role clearly defined...


Or on her knees....


How about a nice trophy wife?


The hardworking ones are apparently the most appealing


Some ads expressed great doubts about women's abilities to perform certain tasks


According to this Volkswagen advertisement, "Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things." Which is why you need a car with cheap parts that are easy to replace


Domestic abuse also had its place in advertisments. (Looks a bit like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey)


There is nothing as sexy as blowing smoke in a woman's face...


But hey, at least there was no such thing as fat shaming


Back in the day, advertisers were very fond making unfounded health claims, especially where drugs and cigarettes were concerned.

Here, children - have some cocaine


Suffering from asthma or other breathing problems? Have a cigarette! These ones were apparently even safe for women and children to smoke...


If doctors use it, it surely must be healthy!


If you want to be lean, fit and an excellent athlete, you'd better start smoking!


Apparently, smoking also makes you a better parent...


... and so does drinking alcohol. According to this ad, breastfeeding mothers should always have a case of beer in the house for its nourishing benefits to the baby...


So, according to totally reliable scientific research, you should start your children on cola as young as possible, because it would make them "fit in" better with their group in their teenage years. Talk about peer pressure...


Here, baby - have a soda. According to this ad, 7-Up is so wholesome it should be given to babies of 11 months and younger. Mixing it half-half with milk is also greatly recommended.


As part of your balanced, nutritious diet - go grab a McDonalds burger, which contains all the basic ingredients recommended by the Commonwealth Department of Health


Some ads were also quite racist. Like this Pears soap advertisement


And others were downright explicit..

Sega's video games were seemingly not intended for children back in the day


This one is wrong on so many levels

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