Ich werde ein Berliner

Welcome to the official Ich werde ein Berliner personality test. Please answer all questions in a stern and serious manner, and then click the "Bin ich ein Berliner?" button on the bottom of this page to see the result. Ready? Let's start now:

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Your German acquaintances invite you to the movies. They ask you to decide on the movie theatre for the night. You only know the names of those theaters, though, so which one do you choose?


Finish the following sentence: "If I had a million Euros, I would..."


People who deliberatley do not shower for a few days are...


To me, Hamburg is...


Oops! At your local organic food store, Bionade is completely sold out and later on you are having some of your German acquaintances over...how will you save everyone's day?


All your German acquaintances are attending a political demonstration. When they ask you to join them, you...


What is your favourite means of communication?


The hottest fashion item right now is...


German driving school: You are in Germany on a bicycle, riding on a one-way road in the wrong direction (illegally). Suddenly, you see a car coming towards you, breaking no traffic laws. What do you do?


For me, a perfect Saturday evening means...

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