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Which Millennium Character Are You?

by Senshuu

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Ever wanted to find out which Millennium character you're most like? Find out now, through living a day of your life!

So! Your day has just begun. To wake up, you...
Your choice of breakfast is
You're headed out to work now, ready to face the day. But your delinquent friends suddenly pull up and invite you to play hooky! What do you do?
On you way, you trip over a knick in the sidewalk and meet the pavement. Someone offers to help you up. You...
At work, there's some untrue gossip going around about you! You refute these claims by...
You just got promoted! Hooray! To celebrate later on, you're going to
Your company's had an industrial accident, and you're off for the rest of the day. Yay? Now it's time for leisure. You do a bit of shopping and come across a great underwear sale! Of one particular brand, which ones do you pick?
You get invited to a get-together. You decide it's as good as anything, so you go. What're you bringing to the party?
You're the life of the party! How'd you earn this title?
Still energetic from the party, you go home and get to bed, but not before...
Someone calls at 3 AM, just as you enter REM sleep! It's your mother, and she says Auntie Joanne has died and left you $1,000,000. You respond: