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The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta

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This is a dual-colour version of the original Magic colour quiz. Because I always wanted to get red/blue in that test - Now I can! Sort of.

The five colours of Magic (The game, that is) along with their defining characteristics, are:

Red - Emotion and Impulse
Blue - Rationality and Forethought
Black - Selfishness and Individuality
White - Selflessness and Conformity
Green - Instinct and Growth

What is the best way to accomplish something?
Friends are...
You need someone dead. How do you do it?
What is the best way to celebrate your accomplishments?
Favourite comic book/film character?
Favourite film character?
You go to a party. You spend the most time...
Which of the following qualities do you value most?
Dungeons & Dragons weapon of choice?
You've defeated your nemesis. Do you...
Evil genius device of choice?
You're a charity, and have just been granted a large sum of money to help your community. You build...
If I was leader of an evil organisation, I would be...
Which one is the most fun?