The Brave New World Personality Quiz

The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley takes place in the year 632 A.F. (After Ford), and the World Controllers believe that they have created a utopia. The leaders of the World State have ultimate control of reproduction, genetic engineering and conditioning. They have also invented the perfect pleasure drug called soma which ensures that if there were to be unhappiness, any individual would only have to pop a tablet in order to be perfectly content. Sexual, natural reproduction has been removed from the womb and placed on the conveyor belt, where workers manufacture embryos with various levels of skills, ranging from Alpha Pluses all the way down to the semi-moron Epsilons.

Each caste is specifically conditioned to love its type of work and its social place in society, which removes unhapiness and discouragement. Outside of their work, people spend their lives in constant pleasure while participating in polygamous relationships and by drugging themselves on a daily basis.

Although I found the plot of this novel to be extremely interesting and new-age, I think that the most intriguing aspect of Brave New World were the many complex and fully-developed characters that are introduced throughout. Take the Brave New World Personality Quiz and find out which caracter you're most like from the novel!

Get started with these questions...


You desire to be accepted by your peers.


I truly believe that "Progress is lovely".


It's true that "A gramme is always better than a damn"


Being alone is unnatural and unproductive.


What do you think about the World State?


What do you think about the Savage Reservation and its' villagers?


The Slough Crematoriums are...


How do you feel about your mother and father?


Have you ever thought about quitting soma?

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