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Mythological creature test

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What mythological creature are you? From the sissy unicorn to the kick-ass wyvern. Check out your inner mythological creature, just answer these questions. No purchase neccesary. If I could I would've put more than 30 results, but that's the limit. So enjoy.

Your friends consider you...
You consider yourself...
Your favorite element is...
Light or Dark?
Your friend is getting beaten up, what would you do?
In school, or when you were in school, your posse is...
ever destroyed a village?
In the military you would be...
You would kill...
I can't think of another question
Just wait for a couple of minutes until I come up with another question
What's you GPA
Are you love shy?
Do people flirt with you?
Do you enjoy breaking up with people?
Your enemy
Favorite place
Kind of video game
If your boss lowered your wage you would...
Do you like dogs?
favorite country
You like plants?
Do you have playboy magazine subscription?
Do you download porn?
If you liked school, what would be your favorite thing about it?
Do you like pie?