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This Name Generator doesn't actually work. But you should get the truth. It is impossible to make an AUTHENTIC Name Generator that makes ACTUAL Organization XIII names. But don't worry, you don't actually need one! Organization XIII's Nobody names are just their original self's names mixed up with an "x" added some where.
Roxas -> Sora
Axel -> Lea
Vexen -> Even
Saix -> Isa
Lexaeus -> Aeleus
Zexion -> Ienzo
Xaldin -> Dilan
Xigbar -> Braig
Xemnas -> Ansem... his original is Xehanort, but he went by the alias "Ansem" at the time he became a Nobody

That's why I made this generator to lure you in, because the other Org. XIII name generators on this and any other site are wrong. I put in "Sean" and they gave me "Jaxson" and "Daxovan". An APPROPRIATE name would have been "Nexas", "Saxen", "Xanes", "Xesan", or any other variant that includes that letters of the name with an "x".

If you want me to create one for you, e-mail me with your name, favorite color, and favorite Org. XIII member at:

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If you want, you can even tell me the letter(s) that you want me to start you name with, like with "Travis", you could ask for me to start with a T, V, R, or S, instead of all the letters.


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