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Which Extremity of the World Are You?

Answer these questions to find out which extreme feature of the Earth you are:
Are you prone to take massive amounts of varyingly legal stimulants at the slightest provocation?
When the vicissitudes of life tear at your very soul and existence is bleak and featureless, does this tend to hamper your mood somewhat?
Would you consider yourself a filthy peacenik?
Do you tend to ramble on for ages once you get into your flow?
Kittens! They're dying. In pain. Look at them writhe. Writhe, writhe, writhe. Cat hurt. Are you some kind of monster?
Be you sex god?
Would your reply to Dirty Harry's "Well, do ya... punk?" be "wuhwuhwuhwuhwuhpleasedon'tkillmewaaaaaaah"?
Have you ever risked causing physical injury by sheer wit?
Do the worthless peasants consider you arrogant?
Have you ever taken more than half an hour to answer the question "how are you"?
...and/or quoted Derrida in the process?
Have you ever discovered castaways about your person?
Would you consider yourself to have nurtured an advanced civilisation recently?
Have you ever been so consistently cold that you discounted William Harvey's theory of the circulation of the blood?
Have you ever had the ability to cause sunburn at will simply by flashing a bit of leg?
You th' dribblin' type?
Have you ever obliterated a village?
Have you ever fried an egg on any part of your body?
Do you harbour whales?
Have you ever been sufficiently taller than the surrounding populace to experience significantly different weather conditions?
Did you cry at Mrs. Doubtfire?
Ever experienced an irresistible desire to wander off to the Mediterranean?
Want a drink? I mean, really want a drink? Mm, drink. Nice, cool, refreshing. Lovely, lovely drink. Cold, delicious, rejuvenating etc. etc.
Has sex ever been interrupted for you by your partner stopping to take your pulse?

Owen wrote this.