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by Benjamin

48 Responses to “Lolbushes”

  1. Bush lolcats at Squirming.net, BenW’s personal blog Says:

    [...] [...]

  2. Morgie Says:


  3. The Roflcopter Says:

    It’s an Ameri-Macro

  4. helen Says:

    Okay so the adorable bush is my favourite :)

  5. Nicole Says:

    holy shit… i love you, Ben!

  6. mim Says:


  7. Alanah Says:

    I love robot bush, possibly because it’s true.

  8. Charlie Says:

    Ohhhhhh, I like it! Yay!

  9. Conan_Malinak Says:

    The look on adorable Bush’s face is priceless.

  10. Dave Says:

    You guys are fucken idiots get a life you dumbshits!!

  11. Luna Says:

    Oh dear, I love the aliems one so much, my dad had to kick me out of the office so I would stop laughing. I’m now officially without an allowance for the day because of this. So worth it. :)

  12. Iris Says:

    WIN! TOTAL WIN! I iz in ur executive branch starting ur warz wins at life.

  13. Pshht...Names...Who Needs em? Says:

    Benjamin, you’re a fucking genius. You’re awesome, like…uh…I dunno, something that’s awesome. Cereal. Yeah, you’re awesome like cereal. That works.

  14. Andrew Says:

    adorable one made me lol

  15. ivy Says:

    sooo cool dis rocks bsides i was bord cus i hd 2 watch crappy piczo webbys all day!!!
    so much cooler!!!

  16. ivy Says:

    sooo cool. LUV it
    nyway i hd 2 watch annoyin webbys PICZO no less all day!!!
    dis stuf rules
    DIS GEorge BUsh
    He’ a GIT

  17. Joseph Says:

    Wen George Bush talke on ship with sine that say “misshion ackomplishd”, I thawght it mean he finnishd huje meel too big for mortel human to eat. Heer in Stuttgart, I live insiide news vacuume. I need spende less time at keyboarde.

  18. Anonymous_Person Says:

    I almost laughed myself silly the first time I read these. I think it tells what every person is secretly thinking. LUV it, and i’m usually not the type for political jokes. ^_^ Keep it up!

  19. Mads Says:

    Hahaha,the git. Once he was talking about humans living in harmony with fish. Don’t know what the hell THAT was about.

    Were iz mah cheezburga?

  20. Nesson Ameant Says:

    I enjoy boobies.

  21. Name?Why a name?All right.OBLITERATE THE VILLAGE!!!BWH-HA-HA-HA!!!! Says:

    Would you do this if that guy with the mile long face……JOHN KERRY!!!
    If he was president.Man,the things you could say about HIM!

  22. Pretty Lush Says:


  23. Legendandmyth Says:

    Wow… love them.


    XD !!!

  24. Kirsten Says:

    LOL! I loved the last one…

  25. LeggoMyEggo Says:

    This almost makes me like the guy..*rolls on the floor laughing* Yes, awesome like cereal indeed.

  26. Missed_Nin Says:

    this so should be called Lolprats. (Particularly when you take into account the original meaning of that word… prat = archaic english for ‘bush’. Youknow, bush in inverted commas XDXD)

  27. Alexandra Says:

    I thought it was rather hilarious and i’m not even american , I just like watching Bush be foolish on TV!

    good job ben, toodles!

  28. marsadeptjenna Says:

    You are a freakin’GENIUS,you!!!!!! I laughed so hard at these pictures,my throat hurt for a week!!!
    Adorable Bush was my favorite! (and I agree with Missed_Nin, Morgie, Mads, & Conan_Malinak)

  29. Archangel Beth Says:

    While many political cartoons fall flat for me, 90% of these make me cackle in an unseemly manner. Bravo!

  30. The People Says:

    Wow. This made my day. =D The people demand more! (The people being me. lol)

    I is looking adorable so I can has cheeseburger…

  31. MarcAtMccow Says:

    although im a azn … i laughed all the way til i sleep —– classics – I is trapped in sn invisible bubble – HALP!!!! ; I burpted LMFAO

  32. SatansRapier Says:

    Oh my fucking god!!! i was drinking kool-aid when i read this and took a huge intake of it through the nose due to hardcore laughter…. make more!!!

    And i’ll be really nice so I can gets a Cheezburgah!!!


  33. Ryumi Says:


    Oh, also >.

  34. vick Says:


  35. Ichigo Says:


  36. deb Says:

    make more. please, please make more.

  37. Jean Says:

    big fu to republicans woo woo

  38. Chi Ishtar Says:

    Yeah. ..the world would be a better place without Aleims and Robot-Bush. .funny pics though. .. should read “Bad President”

  39. Hummingbird Says:

    Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.
    (and yes, I am this lame. I just discovered this website like four hours ago. Shuddup.)

  40. robert Says:

    oh my fucking god that is so funny

  41. robert Says:

    oh my god that is funny

  42. Meg Says:

    Halp. LOL. =]

  43. Jojo Says:

    I think the best part is that I can’t tell if he means illegal aliems or outerspace aliems. :D

  44. Rodney King Says:

    I borrowed a picture from this for a english handout I had to make last semester…That’s ok, right Benjamin? I cited it.

  45. edzo wuz ere mang!! Says:

    hwahahahahahaahaha … really .. now I do realized dt not all Americans luph miztah bush ….. lolx … kewl one ben … hahahaha .. cant stop laffin … HALP!!!!xD

  46. Meg Says:


  47. Jacob Says:

    ZOMFG! that was aweome! heh heh heh heh…. cheez burgah….

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