Can We Guess Which Region Of The U.S. You Are From?

You can do what you want, but the one thing that will always give away where you actually come from, is the way you speak. Which is why we compiled this quiz to see if we can figure out your region, simply from the words you use. Put us to the test!

Get started with these questions...


How do you address a group of people?


What do you call the piece of grass planted in the middle of some streets?


What is your word for the miniature lobster you find in streams and lakes?


What do you call the thing you drink water from at the office?


What are you doing when you cover the front of someone's house with toilet paper?


What is your word for the night before Halloween?


What do the people in your area call a drive-through liquor store?


Which of the following words do you use?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...