Addicted to Plastic Surgery - I Let My Daughter Pay With Stripping and Sugar Daddies

Kayla and her mom, Georgina say that they are living the dream. Since Kayla was a little girl, her and her mom dreamt about looking more like Katie Price. With the money she got from stripping work and sugar daddies, the 20-year old Kayla has worked hard to make her and Georgina's dreams come. She has paid over $87,000 on plastic surgery, including cheek fillers, Botox, lip injections, boob jobs, hair extensions, teeth whitening and semi-permanent make-up. The pair also go for sun bed sessions up to 5 times a week and say that there is still more plastic surgery work they want to have done. Georgina says she is extremely proud of Kayla for pursuing this lifestyle and paying for their plastic surgery.

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