What type of SOCK are you?

Most people have a preference as to what type of sock adorn their feet and therefore, I feel that this test is absolutely neccessary and should be taken very seriously. Beer anyone?

Get started with these questions...


You've discovered a wombat in your sock drawer. So, you...


What is your opinion of the oh-so-famous Hillary Duff?


The jig is up. Everyone has finally found out that you like to eat your pants. What do you say to them?


If you were to buy a Dutch camal and you wanted it to have polka dots, how many would you want it to have?


Gooblah pluh plaaaa ggaggggggggggggggg uh.


Are you ambidextrous?


You're not the I-like-to-make-freaky-sock-puppets-for-fun type, are you?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...