Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

If the world was teeming with the undead, what would you do? Would you kill every one of them, or had you might as well be in a box that says "Zombie Chow"

Get started with these questions...


You`re driving to work, you see a man in the road groaning and bloody. You:


You get to your job at a weapon factory, when you hear crunching coming from a room. You:


You see a corpse pick itself up off the ground. You:


Walking past a post you see a dog tied to it, biting at his leash, and he gets through it. You:


Seeing a deserted building, you step inside and see a woman shaking on a sofa. You:


She says her name is Emma, and she`s here with her brother Will. Will steps out of the shadows. You:


Taking Emma and Will with you, you go into another building and the doors bang open. Surrounded by zombies, you:


You kill half the zombies but the rest still remain. You:


After killing the zombies, you find Will has a bite. You:

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