How Evolved Are You?

Take this short test to find out how evolved you are!

Get started with these questions...


How likely are you to think about the purpose of life within the next month?


When interacting with people, how often do you consider what they want?


Which is more alive, a bacteria, frog or a dog?


How much do you agree or disagree with this statement: "Everything in the universe was created for the benefit of humans."


Do you make decisions based on researched, rational thought or what feels right?


Which statement do you most agree with: "Death is a glorious transition to another world, or the stopwatch on the one life we live."


Which statement do you most agree with: "The human race is responsible for our own survival, or our survival is beyond our control."


How likely are you to select a mate with a compatible personality over one who is more physically attractive?


How often do you plan ahead for meals so you can eat healthy?


Do you agree that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?


Is arms control about controlling humanity's destructive nature or about getting nuclear weapons out of THEIR hands?


Which is more true: "Domination is a permanent state of triumph over the weak, or a cycle of increasingly destructive struggles for temporary power.


Which is more true: "Human mastery is the final objective of all humanity or the fanciful dream of a few science fiction writers."

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