Are you a good friend?

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For the past few tests I've taken on this sight, I was really annoyed. Such as from, "The How Interesting Are You Test", and "The Music Quiz". I got boring in the how interesting are you test. You know why? Because the idiot who made that piece of crap had too many answers that had to do with opening up an art museum. I sure don't want to open up an art museum! And on the music test, it said "put your hair down and start living a little". Well, I'm tired of these tests. That's why I made the "Are you a good friend" test.
...and I recently figured out that Scintilla made BOTH of those tests. Wow, thanks for insulting me, Scintilla. xD JK

Get started with these questions...


What would you do if I fell in some mud?


What would you do if I got an "F-" on a test?


What if I liked some food you didn't like?


What if 3 bullies ganged up on me?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...