Would you survive the night if your house was robbed?

If your house was attacked by burgulars would you survive?

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Your in the house on your own because your family have gone out its 9:00pm and your lying awake in bed when you hear the door handle rattling downstairs what do you do ... ?


Instead of going for a phone or going to investigate you look out your window to see 4 men trying to kick the door down one of the men catches you in the corner of his eye and looks straight up at you and you realise you need somewere to hide where do you go ... ?


You are now hidding in the room you choose you shut the door quietly and look for some sort of weapon what do you pick up ... ?


You have your weapon and hear a massive crash from downstairs the back door has broke from its frame you hear someone running up the stairs what do you do ... ?


The door of the room swings open and your spotted instantly what do you do ... ?


You got him right in the eyes and he falls to the floor shouting you need to move quickly where do you go ... ?


You peek through the slightly open doors at the shouting man and just as you know it another guy runs up the stairs to see the guy you just hit what do you do ... ?


Befor you have time to do your plan your grabed by another guy who pulls you downstairs and ties you up in the kitchen onto a chair he asks for you to tell you were the moneys kept what do you do ... ?


He rushes off upstairs and you hear the draws of your parents bedroom crash to the floor you managed to squeeze your way free from the chair and you look for a weapon in the kitchen what do you choose ... ?

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