The Mug Inquisition

Have you ever wondered what kind of Mug you are? Wow. You're life must be pretty empty. But so is mine, seeing as I had the time to make this test. But I'm still better than you. Don't believe me? Take the test and see for yourself how crappy your life is compared to mine.

Get started with these questions...


You're walking down the street when some Mormons approach you solicting their faith. What do you do?


Assume for a moment you had a lapse in judgement and made the mistake of having kids. You're at his elementary school one day when you see another kid push your son and cut in fornt of him in the line for cookies, or water, or whatever the fuck kids line up for. What do you do?


You go in to apply for a job. What job are you applying for?


I don't care how you just answered. You're applying for a job. How do you impress the interviewer?


You didn't get the job. Way to go you fucking failure! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Damn you suck ass. But all seriousness aside, why didn't you get hired?


So you lost the job. Now what?


You go to a bar to relax after your failure. What do you do to pass the time?


So you're at the bar, and some weirdo comes up and just starts rambling. He's a really annoying jackass, and he intoduces himself like it's a fucking dating service video. "Hello, my name is _______. My interests are _______" etc. Worst of all, he says "LOL". Ugh...What do you do?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...