Are you hot stuff?

Get started with these questions...


There is a party going on and there are two chicks sitting down. The hot one but dumb one stands up and walks away the ugly but smart one asks for you to dance with her. What do you do?


You are sitting next to the hottest girl in your whole school, and she is talking to you, but your girlfriend is sitting behind you, what do you do?


The ugliest girl walks up to you and rudely asks you out, what do you do?


A hot chick invites you to her house and there are no parents, you step into the house and she looks at you in a waiting manner, what do you do?


Your girlfriend is being sexually harassed by your best friend and she is asking for help, however you are about to ask out a hot chick, what do you do?


You are in a party and your girlfriend offers you some drugs, what do you do?


If you had a choice would you go for the smart and ugly, the hot and dumb or the hot and nerdy?


If you have aids and the hottest chick in your school wants to have sex with you, what do you do?

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