Who are you?

Who are you in Toontown? You're about to find out. There are 7 possible results, but please be honest. Good Luck.

Get started with these questions...


You're in the CFO lobby when somebody blocks the view of the timer with his big head. What do you do?


You're fishing for the elusive devil ray when a noob comes up and starts screaming "PLEASE BY MY FRIEND!!!". What do you do?


You see a toon slip and fall over on a banana peel in a supermarket. What do you do?


In Goofy Speedway you're just behind the person in first and you're on the last lap. What do you do?


You see a bag full of money ($10,000!)! You think "cool!", but then you see a name on it. What do you do?


You see a toon enterting the Blizzard Wizzard to the LOM 2 Task. What do you do?


Lawbot HQ has just been released. What do you do?


You are going out with a friend and he lets you pick what you want to do. What do you choose?


What do other people think of you?


How would you describe yourself in 2 words?

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