How will you deliver Death?

Okay, so your charged with delivering death to a large number of people. How do i do this? you ask youself in a proud and happy voice! well the answer is simple, take this test and find how you will deliver death. Are you ready, you potentioal angel of death?

Get started with these questions...


The french invasion is upon us! They are coming into our homes and stealing our tiolet roll, what do you do?


We are on the offensive and you have been sent in ahead of the main advance, what do you take with you?


In times of great need, you will keep what for protection against the marauding hordes?


The life of a freind has been taken by a terrorist. It is time to seek revenge, what do you need to get the job done?


IT is WAR! Death and pillaging is upon us, you and a coalition are the only people of order for miles around, how do you arm them?


All hell has broken loose! the world is at an end. You and your coalition have been charged with the task of annihalating the ring leader of the world end party, how do you do this task?

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