Witch anime character are you?

Have you ever wondered what anime character you would be if a race of aliens came along and turned you into the anime character whose personality closest matches yours? Well this test will use some of the worlds most advanced technologies to physiologically assault your mind with dumb questions that will somehow figure out who you would be if you where Animized!

Due to excess stress on the world’s super computers, only 6 anime character outcomes are available. Sorry.

If you have never heard of the anime character that this tests says you are, read the blob of text about them anyway, you might grow to like them, because deep down inside, there is a little of them in you!

UPDATE! All possible outcomes now have an image!

Get started with these questions...


If someone stole your wallet/purse, what would you do?


You need a vehicle to go somewhere


A mass of angry rabid space ninjas fall from the sky to fight you!


Your phone bill is late, the repo men will soon come to take the couch you are sitting on


You are out of beer, and drunk off your ass


An alien named Frab threatens to blow up your planet


You slip and fall. You react by saying...


At a restaurant, what would you order?

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