Your Stage Name and Celebrity Fate Test

So you want to be famous and filthy, horribly, excessively rich, eh? Get in line. But should the fates ever smile kindly upon you and make you into some stinking rich capitalist, my number is, really, here you can find your *perfect* stage name to use so that creepy 55-year-old men have a more difficult time locating you when you're watering you gardenias.

Get started with these questions...


What would you rather have?


Where were you born? (pick the place you wish you were born if your city isn't cool enough to be on my list)


What are you most likely to buy with all of your money?


Who is the first person you would get into a fight with were you famou?


What would you do if you were being stalked?


Would you ever do a charity fundraiser?

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...