Which Celebrity Should Be Your Best Friend?

Ever thought how awesome it could be to have a celebrity as your best friend? Who wouldn't want to get VIP access to the most prestigious clubs, meet other famous people and attend epic parties at a celeb friend's house? Sounds like it's time to befriend a celebrity... but, which one would be the perfect friend for you?

Get started with these questions...


What type of activity would you enjoy most with a friend?


You are in a difficult situation In life, how do you expect a true friend to react?


What type of birthday celebration should your friend organize for you?


What type of conversations would you like to have with your friend?


What type of weekend break would you enjoy with a friend?


What would you like your celeb friend to say about you in an interview?


What movie would you like to watch with your celeb friend?


Pick a meal to enjoy with your friend

What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...