Top 6 Signs She is Attracted To You

When it comes to meeting attractive women, the male species share a common problem: they either lack the know-how on how to approach her correctly or the confidence to do it at all! The big secret in hitting on women is to figure out with which ones you have a reasonable chance. Otherwise you are just wasting your time. Luckily the people in the lab coats figured this one out for us so here are some great pointers, drawing on their wisdom gained from years of research:

1. Check For Eye Contact

When approaching a woman, it is imperative to keep your eyes on the right place - so watch her eyes, not her boobs! Eye contact is a very powerful way of first connecting with a woman. It can even become a game: if you catch her watching you, looking away shyly and back again when she thinks you are not watching, you have a winner. Eye contact is one of the ways women signal that they are interested. Keep your eyes on the prize and get in there! However, if she breaks eye contact quickly and never looks back again, she is avoiding eye contact and not interested…

2. Look at her Body

This needs to be done stealthily, so the woman you are interested in don’t think you are some kind of pervert with ill intentions… Have a look at her body language – is she closing her body to you by pointing herself slightly away from you and crossing her arms over her chest? Does it look like she is sitting hunched and trying to take up less space? If that is the case, she is not interested and you have no chance in hell. If she is however sits up straight, leave her legs uncrossed and orients herself towards you in a relaxed position, she may be into you. If she mirrors your body language, even better… If she crosses her legs, check how she is doing it – is she pointing her foot towards you, showing off a sexy leg? Then that is good news for you.

3. Check For Fidgeting or Preening

If she is interested, she is most likely to fidget or preen in order to groom herself to present better in your presence. If she thinks you are hot, she could be pulling on her clothes to check that they sit just right. Most women also unconsciously toy with their hear in the presence of a man they are attracted to – twirling it around their fingers, tossing her hair backward, drawing attention to her shoulders and neck.

4. Is She Looking For Excuses To Be With You?

If she comes up to you to talk about something trivial, she is very likely to be interested… that is if you are not co-workers or if she has to talk to you because of her job (waitress, etc.) Girls who are interested in a guy will also take care to involve him in group conversations and will often invite him to things that may seem mundane, such as a trip to the grocery store or the cafeteria. If she is however social and habitually includes all people around her, this could be a false positive.

5. Does She Randomly Touch You?

Many stealth-flirts use hugs to get closer to the guy they are interested in. If your girl comes up to you and gives you random hugs (but doesn’t do the same with other guys) she is so into you. Hugging is however not the only sign – she may even playfully hit you, mock-strangle you or offer to give you a shoulder massage. If she does any or all of these things, she is just looking for excuses to touch you.

6. Watch Her With Her Friends

Her friends can give you great clues on whether she is interested in you, without them even knowing it. If she is talking to them and you come over, she may blush and stop talking. If they are glancing back at you and giggling or smiling, it is possible that they know that she likes you. Some friends may even be bold enough to come up to you and start a random conversation. Watching her with her friends will also give you a good idea whether she often hugs random people or do any of the other things that you may have interpreted as signs of interest.

Always remember that women like confident men. If you have noticed some of the signs described above, just go up to her and strike up a conversation or invite her out. If you want her to fall in love with you, you are going to have to take her out and show her a good time – research has shown people fall in love more easily when they are having fun. Don’t go for something elaborate such as a dinner at a fancy restaurant at the start, even a visit to the funfair, a sightseeing tour, a carriage ride or any other fun  activity will do the job.

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