This Colorblind Man Freaks Out When He Sees Purple For The First Time

This guy gets very emotional when he realizes that he is seeing purple and other colors for the first time.

Ethan is not fully colorblind, but he can't see certain colors and his world is a whole lot duller than ours. When his friend gives him a new pair of sunglasses, he has no idea that they are Enchroma glasses that would correct his colorblindness.  At first, he doesn't get what is happening. But as soon as he starts looking around him, it starts to dawn on him that this is what the colors must really look like. He is flabbergasted at how bright the colors are and says that the purple container is scaring him.

As he goes outside to see the flowers and the grass, he clearly struggles to surpress his emotions. Ethan says that he was shaking - he couldn't comprehend what he was seeing.

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