This Brave 11 Year Old Is "Allergic" To Sunlight

Savannah Fulkerson suffers from a very rare condition that causes extreme pain the moment her skin is exposed to the sun. Her condition started to get very bad once she turned 4. She says it feels like lava gets poured over her when the sun touches her skin. Her family had to make a lot of adjustments to help Savannah live a normal life as possible. They have a trampoline in the living room and Savannah has to stay indoors all the time. When she does go outside, she covers herself from head to toe in UV protective clothing. Kids have made fun of her for dressing so weirdly, but she just tries to stay positive and explains to them that she is allergic to the sun. Despite her condition, which basically sentenced her to life indoors, Savannah is a happy child with a sunny disposition. She is one very brave girl.

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