Russian Makeup Artist Makes Models Look Photoshopped

The work of Russian makeup artist, Vadim Andreev proves that every girl can look like a cover model. If you think that you don’t have any exceptional features or that you are a plain Jane, think again - Andreev’s makeover photos are evidence enough that ordinary girls can look drop-dead gorgeous, and that without using Photoshop. 

Andreev only uses the tools from his makeup-kit and ensures that he accentuates a girl’s natural beauty while cleverly concealing any flaws. While he does admit to using more professional lighting and some retouching to the “after” photos, these models were not Photoshopped to look like that. 

This makeup-guru has been experimenting with makeup since he was a teenager and has perfected the art. His tip for everyday makeup: use a warm, pink blush to make your skin appear younger and light concealer to hide any dark blemishes.

Andreev even manages to make men look good using only makeup.

This doesn't even look like the same guy!


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