Man Meets Gorilla He Had Saved 10 Years Ago - An Extraordinary Reunion

Damian Aspinall saved a lowland gorilla, Kwibi 10 years ago and eventually released it back into the wild. The gorilla seemed to have adjusted very well and had his own little family. Damien was a bit concerned that Kwibi wouldn't remember him and attack him as a stranger. However, the moment the gorilla heard Damien's voice, he came running. When he wanted to leave, Kwibi clung to him and didn't want to let Damien go. The gorilla and his family followed them all the way back to the camp and stayed at a distance. Damien could hear Kwibi calling for him all night and when he went for a morning swim, Kwibi came out to greet him. It just comes to show that gorillas are extraordinary creatures, capable of remembering and feeling deep love for others.

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