The latest additions to our investment portfolio

Badgeclout: the gamified reputation system that's pay to play. To assign whuffie to a person, you have to buy it, in the form of virtual gifts like Rolodexes and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. These gifts can then be traded or assigned like currency. Obviously, the whole thing sits on top of Twitter.

Frolickinbrine: "curse" your Facebook friends. If they're cursed, an increasing number of sorry events befall their profile, until seven days later it meets its doom. They can escape their fate by performing tasks, like "liking" a brand or cursing their friends.

Idcheckintothat: "check in" to your partners. Leave tips and ratings. Get recommendations.

Badgermatic: iPhone app that automatically inserts a badger into the background of any picture you take. $1.99. Further woodland creatures - and, inexplicably, a squid - are available via in-app purchase.

Teadar: location-aware mobile app for ex-pat Brits in America. Tired of having tea alone? Finds other British people in need of tea in the neighborhood, finds a place that doesn't serve it in horribly-diluted form in a giant paper cup, and then negotiates biscuits for you all.

Urban Harmony: a mobile app that listens for those people who play music on their phone speakers at the backs of buses and trains, and then harmonizes with them, Barbershop-style.

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