More chats with CDO

I had the distinct pleasure of getting back in touch with Chris Dane Owens once I bought his CD through CDBaby. Remember the advantage of buying the physical album is that you get another disc which has the video for "Shine On Me" on DVD. Now if only I knew how to make awesome .gifs. NO MATTER. On to the Q+A! Just a short one this time around.

S: How soon will the new video be out?

CDO: Hang in there with us on video #2 Sarah. We have quite a few things we are trying to accomplish first before we release the next installment. We really appreciate everyone’s patience. Hopefully it will be worth the wait..

S: I've seen those stills and they are amazing. Any hints as to what happens next in the saga?

CDO: Thanks so much...We have had a lot of fun so far.. I think video 2 will be a bit darker in tone, and I know we will have more battle-action, magic, romance and spiritual themes.

S: After the second and third installments, what next? A tour? A second album? I would love to catch your live act.

CDO: I really don't know how this is all going to play out, and that's rather exciting to me. We never could have anticipated all the things that have happened in the first 7 months of this project so I have the feeling that the unexpected twists and turns will just keep coming.

I've been wanting to tour for the album from the beginning, so that is definitely a goal, and I really want to incorporate original film footage into the live show. Stay tuned..

Perhaps a few new singles will be coming out before too long, and that will keep my studio chops up, until the next CD.

S: Just wondering, have you been hearing from your fans? As a fan, I love it when I can interact with talented people and I'm sure others feel the same way.

I have to say, that has been the coolest part of all of this. Wonderful people have reached out from all sorts cities across the US, and countries around the world. I have felt very blessed to meet really cool people I would never have known otherwise.

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to the "Family Guy" production offices where I was introduced to about 25 people who all have become fans of my work. They're wildly creative artists and producers, and it was just a great time (and very humbling) hanging out with everyone.

AW YISS, possible CDO tour. I'd street-team for this dude and that's a huge compliment because I street-team for no one.

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