Hey kids

I am the proud owner of Chris Dane Owens' Blue Stone. I'll be reviewing that for your reading pleasure soon enough. I'm also going to be having a chat with him which I'll post in a couple days. I like talking to and about him because he's so genuinely kind. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the track "Superhuman". It's kind of cheesy nineties-sounding techno, but I like it. This could get me some flack, but it reminds me of Moby/Recoil. Honestly, Moby and Recoil/Alan Wilder do cheesy things, too, so chill.

Add this to your bookmarks: http://www.justhearit.com/ Search the web for any song and find it immediately. It's pretty remarkable. It helps that it picks up Youtube links as well.

Also I'm getting tweets from the Leto brothers saying that the new 30 Seconds to Mars album is almost completed. I'm not sure if they mean recording or post production or what and I don't really want to go deeper into that because, come on, it's 30 Seconds to Mars.

Let's finish things up by posting a video to Adam Ant's "Puss'n Boots" off of Strip (1983). Strip era Adam is so damn attractive, it's criminal. Also this video features the shortest leather mini I've ever seen combined with the longest thigh-high boots. Sassy!


What do you think, did we get it right? Comment here...