Publishing: Saved!

Over the past few years, the publishing industry has entered a kind of recession as it struggles to cope with the demands of new technology and an ever-evolving readership. However, we're pleased to announce that, through a consulting relationship with many of the larger imprints, Rum and Monkey has produced a plan to save the industry and bring readers back to books: simply apply the sophisticated marketing and demographic techniques that the movie industry has employed for years. Here are a few upcoming titles that serve as fruits of this productive relationship.

Rum and Monkey's experts are available for consulting in a wide range of fields. Please get in touch for further information.

A Tale of Two Cities: Miami
James Patterson writing as Charles Dickens, Jr

A tale of redemption and gritty police work set against the backdrop of Florida's drug cartels and neon-sheen nightlife. Tagline: It is a far, far better thing to kick some ass.

First Base in the Rye
JD Salinger

Watch out, girls: Holden's going to a new school. A story of first love, teenage hijinks, and self-aware sex in the tradition of American Pie.

The Five People You Meet in Hell
Mitch Albom

Carrot Top
Richard Nixon
French Stewart
Sarah Palin
Dog the Bounty Hunter

Fear of Flying Into Space
Erica Jong

As part of a radio competition, Isadora Zelda White Stollerman Wing wins a place on a new space station as a civilian astronaut. The ensuing string of sexual encounters pushes feminism to the final frontier.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull 2: Rock the Flock
Richard Bach

Jonathan teaches the conformist Flock to rock out, with hilarious consequences!

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