Six ultra-disruptive web companies you don't know yet


Elevator pitch: broadcast your toilet breaks. Optionally, podcast the splashing noise. Think Twitter meets your toilet.

Our verdict: next year we'll all be doing a number 2.0 and subscribing on our iPood.

Elevator pitch: follow CNN's Richard Quest live on your laptop or cellphone as he wanders round Central Park with pockets full of methamphetamine and a noose attached to his testicles. Think Robert Scoble crossed with your very worst nightmares.

Our verdict: ask us when we've stopped shuddering.

Elevator pitch: post a job, hitmen bid against each other in the only way they know how. A Google Maps mashup allows you to find contract kills near you; get paid with Google Checkout when your contract checks out. Think oDesk meets Grosse Pointe Blank.

Our verdict: this should kill the market.


Elevator pitch: long on psychotic sociological ideas but short on manpower? Crowdsourcing a fascist government regime is as easy as tagging your enemies. Think flashmobs meet Anschluss.

Our verdict: sure to take over by 2010.


Elevator pitch: Uwe Boll movies are shown alongside homemade videos of overweight, bearded men making tortuous political rants, fluffy kittens making biscuits and babies laughing uncontrollably. The public votes on which is the more engaging, and one lucky winner gets to take the German film director on in hand to hand combat. Think YouTube meets prime time reality TV meets movies made for tax reasons.

Our verdict: evil awakens.


Elevator pitch: enter invasive details about your own life and the lives of your friends and family, ignoring the fact that some of the site's early investors have connections with the CIA, and that your data is both being mined and sold individually to commercial organisations. Think ... oh, wait.

Our verdict: hey, it's a revenue model that works. Kiss your right to a private life goodbye. Poke!

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