Your mum retorts: travel edition

Your mum is a discount carrier.
Your mum is flammable.
Your mum is a quiet coach.
Your mum can be used as a floatation device.
Your mum is locked in the upright position with her tray table stowed.
Your mum minds the gap.
Your mum would like the beef.
My carry-on bag fits in your mum's box.
Your mum offers a regular service.
Your mum is not reserved.
Your mum is expecting some turbulence.
Nobody could have interfered with your mum. I packed her myself.
Masks will fall from the ceiling in the event of your mum.
Your mum offers unlimited rides.
Your mum services exotic destinations.
Please keep your hands inside your mum at all times.
Your mum has an in-flight magazine.
Your mum is pulling in to the gate.

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