An Open Letter to Tony Blair

You've been lying to us, Mr. Blair. The smile in your face conceals a darkness in your heart, and there are still some in this green and pleasant land unwilling to let their knees buckle before your rapacious onslaught of smarm and spin.

Time is ticking away. Soon you will be forced to display before the public your illheaded and devious support for Euro money, your murderous and unholy designs on the pound, your pliant and passive attitude towards the raping monsters of the continent. If one iota of the spirit that sustained this country through the war- the Dunkirk spine!- survives your foul plan to swamp us in strange coins and paper money, to infect our currency with the bascilli of foreign finance, this nation will not fall.

Does anyone believe any more in your 'five economic tests' which you say will govern the decision to join the Euro? This intricate piece of sophistry is just one of your false faces, a five-headed hydra guarding the door to the truth. What is behind that door, Mr. Blair? What is it that you don't want the British public to know?

Some of the ideas that will be carried to this country with the single currency almost defy belief. The recent support for the party of Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands has failed to quell the spirit of profligate immorality endemic to that country. Do we really want a law making homosexuality compulsory for those over the age of 21, as recently proposed by a Dutch politician? Or, perhaps even more disturbing, do we want, as in Italy, the female age of sexual consent to be reduced to seven? Even younger if "there is enough physical development to assume the appreciation of orgasm"?

A recent bill put before the European Union by a Portuguese delegate asked that the parliaments of Europe consider a plan whereby sufferers of HIV are spread out across the continent, assuring that no country is left with a disproportionate amount. Forced repatriation, diseased Turks roaming the streets of London and Aberdeen, babies infected with HIV in order to maintain "quotas", is this what you mean by "European integration"?

And what of the Germans? Who is to say that, embittered by recent footballing defeats by England and Ireland, they will not try to reintroduce National Socialism? Behind every cheerful German face there will always remain the shadow of a vicious fascist impulse for power and control, a violently racist hatred of difference and foreignness. They have tasted blood and, like lions or dogs, must not be allowed to kill again. Last week's introduction of a 75 Euro note with the face of Goebbals on one side is not an isolated incident. Any fool can see that.

At the moment all we have to suffer is the backpacking hoards, the arrogant footballers, the confusing and genital-bespeckled films. But by signing up to this financial shackle we will be opening the floodgates to the howling manic roar of continental tushery. Debate, scrutiny, reasoned argument- these values once held dear by the press, people and parliament of this country seem to have been forgotten as we continue the relentless march towards the hypocritical equality of multinational, economic, financial parity. This blight on our conscience must be remedied.

So, I ask you Mr. Blair, can you really justify yielding the pound? You grinning, smug fuck.

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