This Week's News: The Odds

Latest betting odds quoted by William Hill:

Jo Moore to make gaffe: 5/1
George W. Bush to make gaffe: 2/1
Prince Philip to make gaffe: 1/4 fav
Quiz shows to remain on television: 15/1
Robert Mugabe to win next election: 1/1,685,212
Chesney Hawkes to have new hit single: 1/only
1:55pm to occur during day: 5/2
1:55pm to occur late: 3/2
Surrealism to be revived as artistic movement: fish/1
Space shuttle to launch: 109876543/1
Children to learn to count: 1/345
Men in desperate situation to take outside chance that might just work: 1,000,000/1
Odd numbers to disappear from existence: evens
England football team to beat Germany: 5/1, 5/1, 5/1
Arthur C. Clarke to write ground-breaking science-fiction bestseller: 2000/1
Arthur C. Clarke to shamelessly cash in on vast success of ground-breaking science-fiction bestseller: 3000/1
Illuminatus trilogy to be republished: 23/1
Douglas Adams to return to life and be depressed about it: 42/1
Entire hippy population of Earth to merge into: 1

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